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Aventus E-Commerce Corporation is a trusted, Philippine-based retail distributor whose services are designed to drive revenue and help clients achieve online success.

Ease in doing e-commerce – this is the primary value we offer to our clients. From inventory and logistics to online marketplace operations, Aventus provides end-to-end solutions and fully integrated platforms to help establish our clients’ position as competitive players in e-commerce.

For a more comprehensive list of the services we offer, click here.

Aventus has over 20 years of industry experience in handling both local and international clients. We have over 95 brands with 1,994 SKUs in our roster.

To learn more about all the brands Aventus has worked with, click here.

We work in partnership with 12 online marketplaces, all of which are serviced by our office and fulfillment hub in San Juan City and our 3,000 sqm warehouse in Marikina City.

Take a look at the full list of our partner marketplaces here.

At Aventus E-commerce Corporation, our goal is to be your brand’s trusted and preferred online retail distributor.

We continue to achieve this by:

  • Providing above and beyond client service as well as highly competitive, revenue-driven strategies

  • Creating and facilitating fully integrated, end-to-end e-commerce solutions and platforms

  • Holding our clients’ hand every step of the way in fostering online market share growth, effective brand building, and convenient business operations


We, at Aventus E-commerce Corporation, take pride in the work that we do. The following core values command how we go about and achieve our work:

Our Brand Story

Mission & Vision


Core Values



Our unwavering commitment to doing what is right, even in the absence of supervision, is a cornerstone of our values. We firmly believe that integrity is crucial to making a meaningful impact. While we are always ready to support personal growth and learning from mistakes, we have zero tolerance for integrity violations. Trust and reliability among our colleagues is of the utmost importance.



Excellence is a company core value that refers to the pursuit of quality and high performance in all aspects of a company's operations. Primero Corp emphasizes the importance of continuously improving processes, products, and services to meet and exceed customer expectations. Excellence also involves striving for the highest ethical standards, treating employees and customers with respect, and setting a positive example for others to follow. We have an ongoing commitment to delivering the best possible outcome in every situation.

employee development.png


Our aim is to cultivate an environment that motivates and empowers individuals to actualize their potential. As a company, we strive for excellence and wish for our employees to do the same. Our objective is to offer the necessary resources and encouragement to support their personal and professional growth, whether that be within our company or beyond. Our ultimate goal is to assist in their success.

spiritual growth.png


Ad majórem Dei glóriam or “for the greater glory of God” 

Spiritual Growth is a value that focuses on the personal and spiritual development of each individual within the company. Primero Corp. recognizes the importance of not just professional growth, but also the growth of the whole person, including their beliefs, values, and spirituality. We try to create a work environment that fosters self-awareness, self-improvement, and inner peace, in addition to job performance. This can result in employees feeling fulfilled, motivated, and connected to their work, leading to higher morale and satisfaction in the workplace.

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As active members of the community in which we operate, we feel a sense of responsibility to give back. This can take the form of charitable donations, volunteer work, or supporting local initiatives through sponsorships and fundraising efforts.

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